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Wildlife Removal & Trapping

There are a lot of ways for animals like squirrels and raccoons to sneak into your home or place of business. At Critter Gitter of Northern Colorado, we can safeguard your property and secure it from animal break-ins. We are a Board Member of both the Colorado Wildlife Control Operators Associations (CWCOA) and the Colorado Trapper and Predator Hunter Association (CTPHA). Our wildlife experts specialize in fixing damages caused by these animals and installing the needed modifications to avoid further harm. The full extent of our services includes:

  • Nuisance animal removal
  • Wildlife rescue
  • Vole management
  • Live trapping
  • Farm/ranch predator control
  • Home inspections for issues related to wildlife
  • Bird control
  • Animal carcass removal and disposal
  • Wildlife consulting and damage repair

Removing any critters from your home or property!

Let Critter Gitter of Windsor, and all of Northern Colorado, be your go-to team for any wildlife removal needs you have. Our promise to our customers is to safely, effectively and permanently remove any wildlife issues in your home, property or commercial building. In any wildlife removal case, Critter Gitter will:

  • Perform an initial inspection to locate the animal
  • Locate the animal's point of entry on the property or structure
  • Act of animal removal & releasing it or relocating it
  • Seal the home or property to help ensure property stays safe from nuisance wildlife

We only utilize the most humane methods of animal control in Windsor, CO. When appropriate, we will work with the proper authorities to relocate your unwanted wildlife.

Habitat Management

Critter Gitter of Northern Colorado offers habitat management as a part of our animal control service. We’ll modify your property to keep animal pests from taking up residence at your home. We can:

  • Cut tree branches away from your roof to prevent squirrels from scampering there
  • Remove juniper bushes and other shrubs that attract rabbits and rodents
  • Fill the space beneath your patio to deter animals from nestling and breeding
  • Install chimney caps
  • Install bird netting for decks and canopies
  • Recommend or perform minor home renovations for wildlife prevention
  • Build custom window well covers

We’ll inspect your property and humanely remove any animals before modifying the grounds. You’ll enjoy living in a pest-free environment after we’ve completed our work.


We serve Windsor CO, Loveland CO, Greeley CO, Fort Collins CO, Longmont CO, and surrounding areas.

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